Monday, February 15, 2010

My NBF Infested Amaryllis Bulbs

Today, I unpotted some of my amaryllis bulbs. I suspected that two got infested by Narcissus Bulb Fly just like the other bulbs in my small collection.

These bulbs were purchased from Amaryllis Bulb Company last year. One is Wedding Dance, the one with the scape is Giraffe and the one with a couple of leaves that emerged is a NoID. Giraffe didn't bloom last year and this year it sent up a scape but the buds aborted.

They were rootbound and I wrestled them out of the pot.

I soaked them in tepid water to loosen the soil from the roots.

I cleaned them up good and look how healthy their roots are.

My suspicion is true. The dreaded NBF. I managed to take the larva out of Giraffe.

My consolation is that Giraffe had 3 pups.

NBF's point of entry.

The infestation on Wedding Dance started from the neck. I will try the hot water treatment and see if it will work. I am not ready to slice it up yet!

There is a visible entry from the basal plate.

I hope that these three jumbo bulbs are not infested.

And so are these ones. I will bring them out of dormancy soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Now this is Sydney. It never grew leaves or scape after I forced it. NBF entered from the neck area. I sliced it up and I found a fat larva eating it up.

I washed it up good and then I dusted the 2 halves with cinnamon powder. I don't have fungicide so cinnamon powder will do. I let them sit and dry for a few days before I potted them up.

I hope they'll grow pups for me. I purchased 3 bulbs from the defunct Smith and Hawken last year. I gave 1 to my mother and luckily I still have one bulb that is not infested.

The following named amaryllis were infested by NBF. I totally lost Baby Star, Red Peacock and Dancing Queen. I managed to save the others.

I think this is Baby Star.



Christmas Gift

Dancing Queen



Red Peacock...I tried cuttage method, it didn't work for me.

Wedding Dance

Here are the bulbs I have to enjoy in the future.

Bulbs I purchased from Brent and Becky's Bulbs last December. Dancing Queen, San Remo, Charisma and Picotee. They haven't sprouted yet, I think the basement temp is perfect for them.

Here is Misty. It is a slow growing variety.

Cybisters Lima and Rosario from Edensblooms.

After this NBF experience, my Butterfly amaryllis and my cybisters will never get to see outdoors and will never get fresh air in the summer.


Anonymous said...

What a great collection of bulbs. I'm crossing my fingers that the worst of the troubles have already been taken care of. I too have a couple of Amaryllis bulbs in my collection and most are still waiting to be brought out of dormancy.

Lily said...

Thanks. I hope I did took care of it. This is absolutely my worst experience as a gardener. Please post some pics of your amaryllis when they bloom.

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