Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hosta Plantaginea

A close-up pic of the flower.

Its flower can measure up to six inches long.

My Plantagineas are grown in full shade and they still have burnt edges due to the high temperatures that we had experienced recently.

One thing that I look forward to every year is when my hosta Plantagineas bloom. Huge fragrant white flowers that open at dusk and perfuming the garden. the first blossom opened last Thursday.

Nerine filifolia

I received this bulb as Nerine filifolia, a species. Comparing these pics on the web, it does not resemble filifolia at all, but it does resemble another species, N. gibsonii from

Oriental Lily Montezuma

The darkest red oriental lily that I have grown in my garden. The smell is divine. Even though orientals seem to dwindle in my garden, I still grow a few of them for color and fragrance. The above pic was taken this morning. It's color is deeper when the flower is a day old.

This pic was taken when the temps are in the mid 90s.

Purchased from The Lily Shop.

Oriental Lily Cragganmore

An oriental lily in a very nice shade of red. It's height is about 2.5 feet and has 2 flower buds. The first three pics are taken this morning.

The above two pics are taken this afternoon and the flower is now fully open. From B and D Lilies.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Orienpet Lily Nymph

Nymph has upfacing creamy white flowers with red star-shaped center. It has a nice scent and it grew to about three feet in my garden.

Scaling A Lily Bulb

I scaled this Saltarello bulb today which I received recently as a replacement for a bulb that did not perform well in my garden.

I got inspired by this single scale of Flashpoint that produced eight bulblets. This scale was put in a bag of peat moss last May 2nd and took this pic today.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crinum Elizabeth Traub

Another crinum blooming for me this year is Elizabeth Traub. Its parentage are 'Cecil Houdyshel' and 'Ellen Bosanquet'. It is named after the wife of the breeder, Hamilton Traub.

This crinum is on its third blooming scape. The scape is about 3 feet tall and the flowers are magenta-pink. The pics above are taken on one of those scorcher days. This afternoon, two flowers from the third scape opened and they are a little darker.

Orienpet Lily Leslie Woodriff

Its parentage are 'Tetra Black Beauty' and 'Tetra White Henryi', two lilies created by Leslie Woodriff.

Bred by Dr. Robert Griesbach and introduced by Borboleta Gardens in 1987.

Another lily in the Hall of Fame list.

"Tips and edges white, majority of inner surface cherry red; throat with prominent green nectaries and surrounding area yellow; numerous dark papillae; outside green/red; pollen dark brown. Fls downfacing; petals 120 x 70mm, margins slightly ruffled, distinctly recurved. Lvs alternate, 90 x 50mm, dark green. Stems 1.5m, dark green, with 12-15 fls. July. Tetraploid."

Information Source: The Online Lily Register

Aurelian Lily White Henryi

This lily was bred and registered by Leslie Woodriff circa 1945. It has white wide-open blooms with orange star-shaped throat and brownish speckling of the tiny papillae. A fragrant lily.

I have acquired two bulbs from my local lily society last spring and they came from The Lily Garden.

Its parentage is L. henryi and L. leucanthum var centifolium. This lily is in the list of NALS Hall of Fame.

Info Source: The Online Lily Register

Crinum Ellen Bosanquet

The first three pics above are taken this morning. The next three pics below are taken the first day it bloomed, the 20th of this month.

Breeder of this beauty, Louis Bosanquet, named it after his wife. He hybridized it circa 1910 in Florida. Its ancestry is unknown. It produces dark rose-red bell-shaped flowers. Its scape measures about 3 feet tall. The flowers has mild fragrance.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LA Lily Kentucky

A tango lily in melon/orange color.

I believe this lily is on the list of NALS 2009 Popularity Poll winners.

These lilies were purchased from Brent and Becky's Bulbs' spring sale.

Orienpet Lily Flashpoint

This is a new orienpet that is out in the market. Lovely red flowers with white edges.

One of the three Flashpoints that I purchased in late spring this year.

Its height is about 3 feet and has 7 flower buds. A great show for a lily planted late in the season. From the Lily Shop.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Orienpet Lily Elusive

This lily is suppose to be peach and cream in color. The shape of the petals are right but its real color is missing. This could be due to the temps. Will see next year if there is a change otherwise this is mislabeled.

Another lily from Faraway Flowers and was bred by Judith Freeman of The Lily Garden.

I searched for Elusive's pics on the web for comparison and so far I have found only three. One is from NALS site, another one is from Faraway Flowers and the last is from the Lily Discussion Group at Yahoo.

Early this morning, after the heavy rain last night, I have observed pink coloration at the petal tips.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Orienpet Lily Miss Feya

I have been growing Miss Feya and Black Beauty side by side in my garden. The difference that I can find is that Miss Feya does not recurve as much as Black Beauty. Also, Miss Feya have bigger flowers and wider petals compared to Black Beauty.

Orienpet Lily Black Beauty

This lily is only on its second season in my garden and it is already putting on a good show. This lily was created by Dr. Leslie Woodriff fifty years ago. Its parentage are Lilium henryi and Lilium speciosum.

Black Beauty produces a lot of tightly recurved flowers reminiscent of its ancestry.
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