Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LA Lily Algarve

Yesterday the buds are ready to burst open...

here they are this morning...

so pretty in pink.

LA Lily Original Love

One of the best red lily around. It has huge flowers with black spots. The flower measures 8 inches across and the bud measures 4.75 inches. This it its second season and it is 38 inches in height. Great substance.

I highly recommend this lily to anyone.

One of my favorite lilies in the garden.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lilies With No IDs

First one is an orange tango lily. This is the second season of this lily in my garden. Orange Pixels is the one that comes closest to my online search.

They opened this morning. What a nice pair of blossoms that greeted me during my regular garden walk.

Next is a yellow one with reddish blush. I have had this lily in my garden for years.

Another shot of this pretty lily.

This unspotted lovely shade of orange lily has huge blooms and great substance. An LA lily. The flower size is the same as LA Original Love with shiny foliage.

Another shot.

This one is a cutie. The flower size is 3 inches in diameter and the bud measures 2 inches long. Nice shade of pink.

Another shot.

This is suppose to be Matrix. Orange and about a foot tall.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots of Hostas

All of these hostas are in their third season. I seriously started growing hostas in 2008. I have expanded my garden to accomodate my hosta collection which are interplanted with lilies.

Blue Mammoth

Blue Angel

Great Expectations on the left and Dream Queen on the right. At the back of the boulder is Krossa Regal and to its right is Fried Green Tomato. Please excuse the weeds.

Fallen Angel, sport of Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel with burnt leaves, sport of Blue Angel.

And last but not the least, St. Paul at its best.

Asiatic Lily Black Out

I got this lily from my local lily society during our spring bulb sale. This is a double-nosed bulb. I read a lot of good stuff about this lily. Nice form, dark center, etc. I am not really impressed with its bloom.

Maybe next year when it will fully settle in my garden, will truly show how really good it is.

Asiatic Lily Pearl Jessica

Pearl Jessica's first bloom.

From Dr. Griesbach's Pearl series of tet Asiatics named after his grand daughters. Click here for more info.

Asiatic Lily NOT Latvia

This tango lily has upfacing greenish- yellow flowers with heavy maroon speckles. It is about 36 inches in height and has high bud count.

I am loving these tango lilies. This is my third tango lily to bloom this year. The airbrush pattern of the speckles are so pretty they are taking Asiatics to a new height.

Who Am I?

I have acquired this lily last year from a trade with my co-worker. I like the black dots and the color combination when I first saw it in her garden. She got these lilies from her neighbor years back.

I took this photo today. It is one of the ones that opened up this morning. It has dark orange tips with a lighter orange center.

If anybody out there who happens to stumble upon this post or blog and knows the ID of this lily, please email me.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Beautiful Red NOID Lily Identified as Rodela

It is difficult to capture the true color of this lily. I purchased some mixed lily bulbs at Van Engelen last fall and out of 25 bulbs, I got 4 of these. I love it so much I cross-pollinated it with most of the lilies that are blooming in my garden.

It was drizzling today so I tried to harvest all of the pollens before they get washed away.

Pollen parent for Dani Arifin.

Since this post is about a NOID lily, here is another one. Salmon-orange in color with yellow center. This lily was my first bloomer last year.

LA Lily Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate is a beautiful coral-red lily with spotless golden yellow star center. Great color combination. Hybridized by Riverside Gardens and introduced in 2000.

This lily receives dappled sunlight. Notice its friend at the tip of the petal.

I thought I lost this lily. I gave some lilies to a friend two years ago. It was accidentally included in the clump that I dug. Apparently a bulblet was left behind.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Species Lily Bulbs

I have recently acquired two species lilies from Brent and Becky's Bulbs. In this photo are Lilium suberbum bulbs which are small.

Here is Lilium pardalinum which is gigantic compared to superbum. I will be scaling this bulb pretty soon.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Crinum Carolina Beauty

Carolina Beauty is a hybrid of Crinum Bulbispermum and Crinum Americanum. The flowers are white with anise-like fragrance. The lower half of the stamens and style are pink. A crinum of great beauty.

I would like give credit to the very generous person who traded this crinum with me, Frank of McKinney Texas.

Asiatic Lily Lollipop

Lollipop has rose-pink petal tips with white center with just a few sprinkles of spots. The color combination is great, I will say that this lily is aptly named. Its height is about two feet tall.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Early Blooming Lilies

Dani Arifin is a Longiflorum-Asiatic (LA) lily. Its flower is deep pink in color with yellowish coloring towards the base of the petals. It has dark red spots. Also, a dark red picotee edging is noticeable. It is 40 inches tall.

Dani Arifin has big blooms which came from its Easter lily parentage.

LA lily Bestseller is yellow-orange in color. It has brown spots and has mild fragrance. This lily has big blooms also.

Heightwise, this lily measures 40 inches tall just like Dani Arifin which are growing side by side.

Asiatic lily Commander In Chief is a true red lily. It has few black spots but on Lily Nook's description, it is spotless.

This could be my first mislabel for the year.
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