Monday, June 14, 2010

Lilies With No IDs

First one is an orange tango lily. This is the second season of this lily in my garden. Orange Pixels is the one that comes closest to my online search.

They opened this morning. What a nice pair of blossoms that greeted me during my regular garden walk.

Next is a yellow one with reddish blush. I have had this lily in my garden for years.

Another shot of this pretty lily.

This unspotted lovely shade of orange lily has huge blooms and great substance. An LA lily. The flower size is the same as LA Original Love with shiny foliage.

Another shot.

This one is a cutie. The flower size is 3 inches in diameter and the bud measures 2 inches long. Nice shade of pink.

Another shot.

This is suppose to be Matrix. Orange and about a foot tall.

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