Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Planting

Fall clean up in my garden hasn't even started yet. What I am trying to accomplish right now is to plant all of my bulbs. I can only do some gardening on the weekend. And I am so glad a lot of my bulbs are planted today. I am running out of time until the ground freezes. The one thing that slowed me down is making plant tags. I make two tags for every plant variety. One is buried with the bulbs and one is the marker above ground. I also dug a narrow garden bed where lily seedlings are going to spend their first winter nap. Daffodils and other spring blooming bulbs are planted in layers. The daffs are planted 6 inches deep and bulbs like crocus, Ipheion, muscari and alliums are planted in the same hole 4 inches deep. This is the first time I have done layer planting. I am afraid I will cut some of my lily bulbs in half while digging. I had that incident the previous week. So perennials like tall garden phlox are dug and thrown away and replaced them with the bulbs.

Engraved markers.

I normally use pencil to write the plant name. I tried engraving the blind slats and it worked.

Please excuse my mentioning every variety that I plant. This post will serve as my database should the markers get lost.

35 Ipheion uniflorum
35 Muscari armeniacum
35 Crocus 'Ruby Giant'
35 Crocus 'Ard Schenk'
35 Allium oreophilum
12 Daff Salome
10 Daff Bell Song
10 Daff Erlicheer
10 Daff Professor Einstein

The previous week, these bulbs were planted:

25 Daff Bulbocodium 'Golden Bells'
25 Chionodoxa 'Violet Beauty'
65 Scilla siberica 'Spring Beauty'
10 Erythronium 'Pagoda'
1 Fritillaria rubra maxima

As of now, I have 27 lily bulbs, 4 Fritillaria persicas, 15 Greigii, 15 Darwin Hybrid and 30 lily flowering tulips left to plant.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall In My Garden

Variegated Porcelain Berry Vine (Ampelopsis glandulosa brevipedunculate 'Elegans')

Not 'Cherub's Smile' Iris

Eggplant Flower

Trumpet Lily Seed Capsule

Solomon's Seal Berries

The last produce from our veggie garden:


Swiss Chard

Acorn squash (Bought as pumpkin. Even veggies get mislabeled.)

and peppers.

Our veggie harvest.

Although my DD was disappointed with the mislabeled pumpkin, she had fun during harvest time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hupla Lilies

The Hupla Gardens

I met Bill Cramer of Hupla Gardens thru a seed exchange. On his member's page he mentioned that he has been hybridizing lilies for thirty years. It sparked my interest and curiosity. He must have bred beautiful lilies through all these years. I wasn't disappointed as his first email to me he attached pictures of the parents of the seeds he sent me. He has bred real beauties.

Bill's hybridizing programs involved Asiatic lilies with bulbils that grow in the leaf axils. The species L. lancifolium aka orange tiger lily exhibit this trait. He has also created stunning bicolor lilies and some of them will be registered in the future.

Gold Tiger is a very nice lily but is no longer growing at the Hupla Gardens. Bill grow his lilies in 50% garden soil and 50% sawdust horse manure and this lily does not grow well in these growing media. Manure is not advisable to use with lilies because this will cause the bulbs to rot. But he has been breeding lilies that have high resistance to Fusarium bulb rot. His lilies are tested and proven to survive when high soil temperature and moisture levels cause other lily bulbs to disintegrate.

Bill has a lot of seeds from Pink Pioneer x Perfect Pink cross for sale. If you are interested to grow his crosses from seeds or if you have any questions regarding his lilies, please contact him directly at

The following images are of Bill's wonderful asiatic hybrids.


Spica II

Stately Red








MF Bicolor

Calendar Girl

New Glow

Peach, No Pollen

Red with Bulbils

Red Rocket x Big Fuzz

Ziuko Pink

Perfect Pink

Ruby Laser

Bill has sent Richard Hyde of H. W. Hyde and Son some of his lilies for the 2011 Chelsea Show. Mr. Hyde included in his site a picture of a young blossom of Purple Spike, a pollenless lily. Below is a pic of it happily growing at the Hupla Gardens.

Here is the list of what he sent to Mr. Hyde:

Purple Spike
Stately Red
Spica II
Red Rocket x Big Fuzz
White Flash
Gold Tiger bulbils

I wish Bill Cramer the best of good luck for the 2011 Chelsea Show.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Bulb Orders and More

The Lily Garden order arrived Friday. I ordered:

1. Indian Summer
2. Caravan
3. Last Dance
4. Pizzazz
5. Starburst Sensation
6. Rosepoint Lace
7. Summer Palace
8. Seafarer
9. Iowa Rose

Judith replaced Ariadne, Eros and Karen North from my spring order. She also sent me 2 bonus bulbs: Eurydice and Sarabande.

The Hartle-Gilman Gardens (thru Faraway Flowers) order arrived Wednesday. I ordered:

1. Indian Brave
2. Buffy
3. Sally
4. Red Rooster
5. Cupid's Gift
6. Chocolate Canary
7. My Jo Ann

The Sally bulb is huge and red. I know that asiatics have white bulbs. I just hope that this one is not mislabeled.

Today, I found four Tiny Series lilies at the BB store.

Tiny Puppet

Tiny Skyline

Tiny Nanny

Tiny Invader

I got a chance to plant some bulbs. Planted behind Ladylikes are 5 Royal Sunsets I have acquired from a trade. Bonus bulb Eurydice got planted beside the spring ordered Eurydice.


VE Order

Orange Electric
Pearl Jennifer
Red Electric
White Pixels
White Heaven

KVB Wholesale
15 Scheherazae-9 is left for me as of this date. Planted 9 of them 11.7.10

From Bill Cramer

Bulblets of:

Purple Tiger
New Dark Red
Big Orange
Dark Red #2
Pink Tiger (Woodriff)
White #50 Cross
Father of Many Tigers


Hansonii hybrid
Cream Brushmark
2 NO IDs
No Pollen
MF Bicolor
No Pollen Long White
Pink Ray
2 Bicolors

Friday, October 8, 2010

Harvested Seeds and Others

Another batch of lily seeds were harvested. I really like the markings of Centerfold so I crossed it with Chianti, a nice pink asiatic. From one seed capsule, I got 33 promising seeds.



I am planning to move my Landinis to another area in the garden and replace them with Aphrodites. I just hope that I won't run out of time.

Another shot in this area.

I dug my Original Love and moved it to the back of the border. It is huge, about the same size as one of the Crimson Noble bulbs I got from Ebay.
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