Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Planting

Fall clean up in my garden hasn't even started yet. What I am trying to accomplish right now is to plant all of my bulbs. I can only do some gardening on the weekend. And I am so glad a lot of my bulbs are planted today. I am running out of time until the ground freezes. The one thing that slowed me down is making plant tags. I make two tags for every plant variety. One is buried with the bulbs and one is the marker above ground. I also dug a narrow garden bed where lily seedlings are going to spend their first winter nap. Daffodils and other spring blooming bulbs are planted in layers. The daffs are planted 6 inches deep and bulbs like crocus, Ipheion, muscari and alliums are planted in the same hole 4 inches deep. This is the first time I have done layer planting. I am afraid I will cut some of my lily bulbs in half while digging. I had that incident the previous week. So perennials like tall garden phlox are dug and thrown away and replaced them with the bulbs.

Engraved markers.

I normally use pencil to write the plant name. I tried engraving the blind slats and it worked.

Please excuse my mentioning every variety that I plant. This post will serve as my database should the markers get lost.

35 Ipheion uniflorum
35 Muscari armeniacum
35 Crocus 'Ruby Giant'
35 Crocus 'Ard Schenk'
35 Allium oreophilum
12 Daff Salome
10 Daff Bell Song
10 Daff Erlicheer
10 Daff Professor Einstein

The previous week, these bulbs were planted:

25 Daff Bulbocodium 'Golden Bells'
25 Chionodoxa 'Violet Beauty'
65 Scilla siberica 'Spring Beauty'
10 Erythronium 'Pagoda'
1 Fritillaria rubra maxima

As of now, I have 27 lily bulbs, 4 Fritillaria persicas, 15 Greigii, 15 Darwin Hybrid and 30 lily flowering tulips left to plant.


Garden Sense said...

How industrious and organized. You'll be glad for your records and enjoy the beautiful blooms in the spring!

Lily said...

Thanks! When I started gardening, I did not keep track of the name of my plants. Now as I acquire new plants, I like to label them all.

Meredehuit ♥ said...

You are an inspiration to fellow gardeners... so organized. I am planting bulbs this weekend as well. I had hoped to be done much sooner, but life got busy. Thankful the weather is nice again after our snowstorm of last week.

Lily said...

Thank you Meredehuit. I just hope I'll be finish planting my bulbs this weekend so I can start cleaning my yard. :)

Carol said...

Good Luck with all these treasures Lily! Great choices as most will not be eaten by critters who enjoy underground dining . . . except for the tulips of course. You are so well organized and I love your markers. ;>)

Lily said...

Thank you. I am already wishing for spring!

Thanks for stopping by.

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