Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Bulb Orders and More

The Lily Garden order arrived Friday. I ordered:

1. Indian Summer
2. Caravan
3. Last Dance
4. Pizzazz
5. Starburst Sensation
6. Rosepoint Lace
7. Summer Palace
8. Seafarer
9. Iowa Rose

Judith replaced Ariadne, Eros and Karen North from my spring order. She also sent me 2 bonus bulbs: Eurydice and Sarabande.

The Hartle-Gilman Gardens (thru Faraway Flowers) order arrived Wednesday. I ordered:

1. Indian Brave
2. Buffy
3. Sally
4. Red Rooster
5. Cupid's Gift
6. Chocolate Canary
7. My Jo Ann

The Sally bulb is huge and red. I know that asiatics have white bulbs. I just hope that this one is not mislabeled.

Today, I found four Tiny Series lilies at the BB store.

Tiny Puppet

Tiny Skyline

Tiny Nanny

Tiny Invader

I got a chance to plant some bulbs. Planted behind Ladylikes are 5 Royal Sunsets I have acquired from a trade. Bonus bulb Eurydice got planted beside the spring ordered Eurydice.


VE Order

Orange Electric
Pearl Jennifer
Red Electric
White Pixels
White Heaven

KVB Wholesale
15 Scheherazae-9 is left for me as of this date. Planted 9 of them 11.7.10

From Bill Cramer

Bulblets of:

Purple Tiger
New Dark Red
Big Orange
Dark Red #2
Pink Tiger (Woodriff)
White #50 Cross
Father of Many Tigers


Hansonii hybrid
Cream Brushmark
2 NO IDs
No Pollen
MF Bicolor
No Pollen Long White
Pink Ray
2 Bicolors


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wow, I thought I ordered a lot of lillies this year but you haveme beat. I fel in love with the Orienpet Lillies last year so I am putting a lot more in this year.


Lily said...


I got the lily bug bad and still have orders not included in the post. I am running out of time to plant! LOVE the orienpets also. Best orienpet performers in my garden this year are Purple Prince, Silk Road and Scheherazade. Although Purple Prince is not purple as they advertise.

Thanks for stopping by.


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