Friday, April 29, 2011

Garden Beauties

Blooming yesterday on a cold, wet and windy day.

N. Pink Charm

A Tet-a-tet look alike daffodils grew with the Pink Charms. It must be mixed in from the supplier because I don't have it in my record.

N. Replete

Daffs Replete and Pink Charm planted in the narrow strip of garden bed at the end of the driveway.

N. Erlicheer

E. Pagoda

Red stems of Orienpet Anastasia. Although they are not flowers, they bring in interesting color in the garden bed.

T. erectum

The sun is shining today and I am planting my lily bulbs. Happy spring!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday

Sanguinaria canadensis

Mertensia virginica

Dicentra cucullaria

Trillium erectum

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bulbs and Blooms

Narcissus Amadeus Mozart

It fully opened this afternoon revealing its heavily ruffled corona surrounded by glistening white perianth.

Iris reticulatas blooming in group.

N. Barrett Browning

The weather was nice today with lots of sunshine that made these tulips open. On the lower right is the weed that is all over my garden and it is difficult to eradicate.

Multiflowering N. Erlicheer's first bloom but can't take a picture of its face. The angle is bad and I don't want to step on my flower bed. There are lots of lily noses coming up.

T. Persial Pearl

I planted these bulbs haphazardly late last fall because the temperature was already unbearable.

New acquisitions:
Erythroniums from Ebay sold as "White Trout Lilies".

Oxalis 'Iron Cross'

Oxalis 'Iron Cross'bulbs

Claytonia virginica also known as 'Spring Beauty'. Image from Wikipedia.

Claytonia virginica corms, also from Ebay.

Eucharis grandiflora. This image was taken in the Philippines.

Eucharis grandiflora bulbs from a reputable online vendor. Let me tell you that I am not happy with the condition of the bulbs. They are so dry. Prior to taking this image, I peeled several layers of tunics. They have been in storage for a long time.

Crinum cintho alpha/Cape lily

These bulbs were bought from Menard's. The bulbs are in superb condition and are huge.

And lastly, would you please help me ID the only hyacinth growing in my garden? Its color is the darkest purple I have ever seen in a flower.

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Blooms

Iris reticulata

Scilla siberica 'Spring Beauty' with T. tarda.

Muscari botryoides album

Muscari armeniacum

Chionodoxa luciliae 'Violet Beauty'

Dicentra cucullaria

Asarum canadense

Lily Orders 2011

From Faraway Flowers:

1. Pearl Justine-replacement
2. Hiawatha-replacement
3. Ormea-replacement
4. Vandella-replacement
5. Patricia's Pride
6. Eileen North
7. Milden Red Ball
8. Kushi Maya-bonus

From Mid America Regional Lily Society (thru Pamela Hardy):

1. Royal Trinity
2. Commander in Chief
3. Yellow Electric
4. Scarlet Delight
5. Fantasy-bonus
6. Sun River
7. Giraffe
8. Rushmore
9. Dolly Madison
10. Royal Present
11. Tiny Padhye
12. Tiny Icon
13. Avocado
14. Ortega
15. Deliana

From The Lily Shop:

1. Arsenal
2. Garden Affaire
3. Kiss of Fire
4. Moselle
5. Tamburo
6. Table Dance
7. Koures-replacement

From Brent and Becky's:

1. Netty's Pride
2. L. pumilum
3. Martagon 'Arabian Knight'

Lilies in the fridge.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


A NOID double daff.

And the clump is in full bloom.

Another NOID with three little flowers.

Love the orange corona of Professor Einstein.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Surprises and Disappointments

After my vacation, there are some surprises and disappointments for me, plantwise. I lost some plants like L. formasanum grown from seeds and I was hoping for them to bloom this summer. While L. philippinense is standing tall and proud in the basement like it was saying "Welcome back". Some of my lily and Pulsatilla seedlings were also gone. And so are my Erythroniums and Hermodactylus, they rotted in their pots.

Sharing with you some surprises when I got back.

Sprouting lily seed.

This batch of OT lily seeds were stored in the fridge before I left for vacation and was a great surprise when I got back. Dr. G's method really worked. Although these seeds have spent a few more weeks in storage after the six weeks time frame.Germinating OT Seeds

Another surprise is that my friend in Wisconsin waited for me to come back from vacation to send these bulblets. I was expecting just a few! These are Silk Road x Bravura cross. He sent me a total of nineteen bulblets with six tiny ones and thirteen medium sized ones.

And these are Saltarello bulblets grown from scales and were stored int the fridge.They can't wait to grow. I potted them up on the 2nd of April.

And here they are now. This image was taken a few minutes before making this post. Some of the plants in the basement are already enjoying the nice spring weather outside. Notice the red crate they are in. This is for easy transport back to the basement when the temps will dip down to freezing point.

Here is H. Sydney.

Reblooming for me with 4 flowers and a whopping 30 inches tall scape. Some of my amaryllis are still 'asleep' and there are two that will bloom in a few days.

Also I received some tetra lily seeds from a friend in California. The friendship,the sharing, the advices and the willingness to share knowledge from my fellow lily enthusiasts is something I did not expect. They are all great people with big hearts.

Happy gardening everyone!
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