Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Blooms and My Princess


My first tulip bloom.

E. albidum bought on Ebay. It look like they are E. americanum.

Crocus 'Dorothy'

Species tulip 'Persian Pearl' and Scilla siberica 'Spring Beauty'

T. grandiflorum

Emerging leaves of tulip Gregii 'Oriental Beauty'.

My daughter is picking flowers on a beautiful day.

And she is having so much fun.

Butterfly daff, I think this is 'Lemon Beauty'.

Scilla siberica'Spring Beauty'

Sedum 'Dragon's Blood'


Mommy's great helper.

It's flower picking time!

This is her favorite activity in the garden.

She saw my only Sanguinaria canadensis flower.

And it almost ended up in her baggie. Good thing she listened when I told her not to pick it.

So she just have to make do with smelling it. :)

Her picks of the day.


The Sage Butterfly said...

Your daughter matches all the pretty spring blooms in her adorable pink outfit. And she picked some really nice flowers.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Children in the garden, it makes it all worth it! I think of you often when I see my lilies coming up, you have inspired me to put in more and more.


ann said...

I love to see children in the garden. Most beautiful flowers too.

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