Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bulbs From The Garden Center

I went to HD today and got some gardening supplies and brought home some bulbs of Ismene, Freesia, Ixia and Tigridia. Two out of three lily orders from different companies has also arrived. I will be busy in the garden for sure. Happy gardening!


Ismene bulbs


Ixia bulbs


Freesia bulbs


Tigridia bulbs

From another garden center.
Acidanthera murielae

Acidanthera murielae bulbs


debsgarden said...

I love the Ismene! Good luck with your bulbs - they should be gorgeous!

Alistair said...

You are going to be busy Lily, but wont it be worth it when you see the results with these beauties.

My garden haven said...

Those are pretty flowers! I prefer planting bulbs...they're much easier to grow.
Thanks for dropping in at mygardenhaven.

Lily said...

Thanks and glad you stopped by.

Yes it is worth it when all of these bulbs bloom. I am busy as a bee right now and will try to make a post tonight of the spring flowers.

I love bulbs an thank you for stopping by also.

PlantPostings said...

Oh, you are adventurous! I tried Freesias once with no success, but I love them. I can't wait to see your blooms!

Lily said...

Hi Beth,

I hope I will be successful growing these beauties. Will surely post pics when they bloom.

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