Sunday, September 26, 2010

While Working In The Garden

I harvested a seedpod.

Serrada, the pod parent.

And Original Love, the pollen parent.

I found this lily that has a lot of bulblets growing on the stem. Looking at the summer picture of this area in the garden, it is either my NOID tango lily or Loreto.

I dug one of my Tiny Ghosts to move it to another location and look what happened.

8 bulblets were collected from the Tiny Ghost stem.

Tiny Sensation and Tiny Dino

Asiatic Lily Tiny Sensation

Asiatic Lily Tiny Dino

I started collecting the Asiatic "Tiny" series 2 years ago. Today, I planted 6 Tiny Orange Sensations and 4 Tiny Athletes along the driveway.

A few days ago, 2 Tiny Hopes were planted beside Tiny Ghost by the stairs of the porch.

3 Tiny Sensations were planted in between the big tree and the arbor along the driveway beside Kiss Me Kate lily.

5 Ladylikes were planted on the other side of the big tree beside pink Tiger. They produce a lot of bulblets and planted them with the mother bulbs. Acquired as potted plants from big box store.

A week ago, I planted the "ebay bulbs" Star Blush and Crimson Noble at the end of the driveway where dad park his car. In this bed, I also planted 10 Pink Charm and 20 Replete daff bulbs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Harvested Lily Seeds

I am excited to share some pics of seeds that I have harvested two days ago. I cross-pollinated L. regale with Trumpet African Queen and an unknown trumpet. Regale is the pod parent.

Some of the pollens came from these flowers and some pollens from a NOID trumpet mixed together.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lily Bulbs From Ebay

I purchased some lily bulbs on Ebay from a seller who personally knew Dr. Robert Gilman and Dean and Marsha Hartle of Hartle-Gilman Gardens in Minnesota who specializes in lilies bred locally.

Asiatic Lily Aphrodite

The seller bought Aphrodite lily from a catalog house when this lily was first introduced in the American market. It has been flourishing in his garden along with the other lilies that this year he decided to sell in bulk.

Asiatic Lily Star Blush

This lily is one of the lilies that Dr. Gilman has given to the seller. He received four different varieties from Dr. Gilman: Crimson Noble which was bred by Richard Prochaska; Star Blush and Winter Ballet were bred by Hartle-Gilman Gardens; and Chocolate Canary which the seller has lost from flood.

Asiatic Lily Crimson Noble

The biggest bulb I have received is 44.5 cm in circumference and is a double-nosed Crimson Noble bulb.

The bulbs sent to me are dug fresh and were shipped right away in a large flat rate Priority box from USPS. The pics of the bulbs below are in a 10.5 inch plate and as fresh as they can be.

Asiatic Lily Winter Ballet

The seller lost the marker of this lily in his garden and said he don't want to send mislabeled bulbs to his customers so he did not list this lily this fall but will be available from his Ebay store in the fall of 2011.

The photos of the lilies are courtesy of Mike Dammen of Hosta Plants/Comics/Ginseng/Seeds. He also sell hostas from Shady Oaks Nursery.

You can contact him by email at
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