Saturday, November 6, 2010

Landini and Dimension

Here are two of the darkest lilies growing in my garden. Night Flyer is another dark lily in my collection that unfortunately got eaten by a deer before it bloomed.


Landini, upfacing and does not open wide enough.

Dimension, some sellers call it Dimention.

Dimension, its orientation is also upfacing and it opens wide and the tip of the petals recurve a little bit.

Both of these lilies are Asiatic.


Fran said...

They are beautiful.Keep the pictures coming. I look at your blog a several times a week just for the pictures of your lily.

Lily said...

Hello Fran,

I will post more pics after I am done planting my lilies. I still have a dozen or so left to plant.

Thank you!

Linnea said...

I like the form of Dimension very much....much nicer than Landini, and the color is very rich.

Lily said...

Yes,Dimension is very rich looking all the way to its heart. Landini on the other has lighter color on its inner heart. Sun God is another dark lily that is on my want list.

ann said...

Oh. I love this one. Would it love Colorado? ann

Lily said...

I think so, Ann. Lilies love cold weather. Colorado and Illinois are in USDA hardiness zone 5, perfect for growing lilies :)

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