Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lilies and Hostas

Dr. Griesbach's Pearl Jennifer with Golden Tiara flowers.

Dr. Griesbach's Pearl Stacey/Gracie with Halcyon on the left and June Fever on the right.

Robina and Altari are happily growing in the shade.

Lemon Lime and Fire and Ice. Stained Glass is on the upper right.

Tiny Ghost amidst Salvias.

Rosella's Dream growing in the shade with Elegans and ferns.

Orienpet Jameson with Birchwood Parky's Gold.

Gold Standards with different lilies. From left to right: Rosella's Dream, Mona Lisa, Navona and Montenegro.

Tropical Breeze amidst hostas.

Blooming Blue Cadet and company. From left to right: Orange Marmalade, Guacamole, Fragrant Bouquet and Whirlwind.

Tiger lilies with Plantagineas and Undulata Albomarginata flowers.

Regal Splendor with Striptease on its left and red petioled Red October on its right.


p3chandan said...

Gorgeous lilies!

Lily said...


Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

I love your photographs of lilies and hostas. I love June, don't have June Fever. Can't grow Fire and Ice. My Stained Glass took two years to get established but it was gorgeous through late fall this year. Grew Orange Marmalade for the first time this spring--so far so good. What did you think? Thank you for faving my blog. Carolyn

Lily said...

Those hostas from the Halcyon family are really nice. I love June also.

Fire and Ice is in its third season in my garden. I moved it once and it really like the spot where it is in right now. I know that a lot of hostaholics can't grow Fire and Ice. Maybe it has something to do with location?

I agree, once Stained Glass is established, it's gorgeous!

You'll love Orange Marmalade. It's very pretty in the springtime and it is even prettier during summertime. An easy to grow hosta here in my garden.

Thank you and you're very welcome!

fer said...

Beautiful! the colors are amazing.
My favorite has to be the fire and the june fever. You did a great job taking care of them

Lily said...

Thanks Fer! June Fever is one of the prettiest hostas in my garden in springtime. Fire and Ice really exceeded my expectation this year. It put up an amazing performance. Now I am ready to add Loyalist in my garden.

Alice Joyce said...

Love this combination: Orienpet Jameson with Birchwood Parky's Gold!!

Happy Turkey Day, Lily,
See you on Blotanical ;-))
aka Bay Area Tendrils / Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

Lily said...

That combination is kind of calm. I love it too. It was added on later in this post; I stumbled upon it while looking for other pics of the garden in my folders.

Happy Turkey Day to you too and see you on Blotanical!

Ellada said...

BEAUTIFUL !!! Bravo ! Bravo !

Lily said...

Thank you so much!

Carol said...

I can only imagine the delicious fragrance coming from your gardens, when your lilies are in bloom. Gorgeous! I love the first and third shots especially. Lovely combinations of colors. Did you grow these from seeds too?

Lily said...

No Carol, I did not grow these lilies from seeds. I have acquired them as blooming size bulbs. I was surprise at the color combination on the first pic and the third one, it was a great marriage between the two lilies. Indeed, a lovely combination.

Thanks for the visit!

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