Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dr. Griesbach's Pearl Series Lilies

After a considerable number of pageviews on my previous posts about these tetraploid lilies, I decided to do a follow up post. This was after Ramona Titus of Faraway Flowers sent an email to her customers a few days ago, including yours truly, who purchased these series of lilies from her last spring.

This is Pearl Sophie, according to the email sent by Ramona Titus. Sold to me as Pearl Justine.

Currently named Pearl Lorraine. Ramona Titus is offering to send the real Pearl Lorraine (I think maybe it is Pearl Carolina) to her customers free of charge provided you order from her or pay $5 shipping for the bulb.

This is Pearl Jessica, positively identified by Dr. Griesbach.

Pearl Stacey/Stacie/Gracie is true to name.

Pearl Jennifer is also true to name.

Going thru the sales materials, the pics of Stacey, Jennifer and Jessica matched my pics.

Pearl Justine and Pearl Carolina are the two lilies I am missing from the original series, the lilies named after Dr. Griesbach's five granddaughters.

Here is one of the letters Dr. Griesbach sent me. I hope that this letter will help those people seeking informations about these lilies. Please click at the photo to enlarge it.


Eliza said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that the blog carnival "How to Find Great Plants, Issue #1" was published today and includes your post on lilies & hostas. Thanks for participating!

These 'Pearl' series lilies are gorgeous, I'd sure love to see your garden in person. :)

Lily said...

Eliza, It's a great honor that my Lilies and Hostas post is in the first issue of your blog carnival HFGP. Thank you!

These Pearl lilies are very desirable to lily collectors. And yes they are gorgeous!


love the pic's they look like some good lillys to grow

Christine B. said...

Lilies are a group of plants that I keep telling myself to rein it in a little, but I never do. When it's February and I'm at the flower show in Seattle I'll see a bin of huge, healthy lily bulbs and my eyes glaze over and the wallet comes out. Every year I do this, though I don't really need or have the room for more plants. Is that the definition of insanity?

Christine in Alaska, apparently insane about lilies

Alistair said...

Lily, thanks for getting back to me on your last posting, Looks like my comment failed, I am definitely going to persevere until I get it right.Once again fantastic photos of Lilies. Alistair

Lily said...

Hort Williams, these lilies are very floriferous and great performers in the garden.

Christine B, I think so, what you describe is definitely insanity. I am also insane about lilies. On winter time is the worst for me, I do a lot of online shopping and I don't have any more space for them. So if I buy more lilies, I get rid of perrenials or common hostas.

Alistair, thank you and thanks for stopping by. I stop by blotanical once in a while. I don't have much time to spare now once I went back to work.

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