Monday, July 19, 2010

Orienpet Lily Elusive

This lily is suppose to be peach and cream in color. The shape of the petals are right but its real color is missing. This could be due to the temps. Will see next year if there is a change otherwise this is mislabeled.

Another lily from Faraway Flowers and was bred by Judith Freeman of The Lily Garden.

I searched for Elusive's pics on the web for comparison and so far I have found only three. One is from NALS site, another one is from Faraway Flowers and the last is from the Lily Discussion Group at Yahoo.

Early this morning, after the heavy rain last night, I have observed pink coloration at the petal tips.


garden girl said...

I'm green with envy over your beautiful lily collection.

I have a clump of dwarf lilies (protected from the rabbits by some crazy fencing)They were $1.00 on clearance at a big box last fall. They were supposed to be purple, but they're orange instead. It's kind of a happy accident, as I've been wanting orange in our garden.

Lily said...

GG, I gave up buying hostas this year for lilies. As lilies leave a small footprints in the garden.

That happened to me last year. I got the species lily auratum instead of an oriental hybrid.
And I have been wanting to buy that particular species lily.

BTW, I love your H. Fujibotan. It is high on my hosta wishlist now. :) The flowers are very pretty. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

You have some lovely lilies!
I was sold "Elusive' by accident before it had been let out for sale in the public, it bloomed last year @ 6f. The colors are very pastel but lovely. This year it is up and very, very, tall! I measured yesterday at 8 feet and
7 is no where near ready to bloom!! :)

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