Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oriental Lilies

In this post is a collection of Oriental lilies that I grow in my garden and as of now, are done blooming. Some of these lilies are newly acquired this year and some had been growing in my garden for at least two growing seasons.

Casa Blanca


Expressions, it's missing the faint pink color at the petal tips.




Mona Lisa


Tom Pouce


Tiger Edition

This is a freebie bulb from B and D Lilies. It is very pretty and it has huge blooms and wonderful fragrance.

I wish I could find its ID, I wouldn't mind having several of these in my garden. Maybe I should contact Bob or Dianna (B and D Lilies)and see if they could help me.

This is suppose to be OT Bonbini, it does look like Arena on my online search. From KVB Wholesale.

A mislabel from VanEngelen, suppose to be Excelsior. It look like the mislabeled Bonbini.

Garden Party, a short and compact lily. Personally, I do not care much for this variety. I can't see its beauty when I am standing as its bloom habit is kind of downfacing. It is really best suited for containers.

A shot of Garden Party with loads of blooms. I received three huge bulbs from American Meadows as a replacement for my one mislabeled L. auratum. They were suppose to sent me the same variety but obviously the L. auratas that they were selling were mislabeled. They are the same with the GPs I ordered from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.

I have some Oriental lilies that did not came out this year including one of my favorite Oriental lilies, the beautiful Rio Negro.


Bernie said...

You have such a fabulous collection of Oriental lilies. I've only just started growing some this year and so far, I've been amazed at their beauty!

Lily said...

Thank you. I started growing lilies like 8 years ago but the last 2 years I have added different varieties from different divisions inmy ollection. Thanks again for the visit. :)

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