Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cybister Lima

Reblooming for me this season is Cybister Lima, with one scape that is about 25 inches tall and four flowers with light green and burgundy color combination. Lima was developed from species Hippeastrum cybister, native to Bolivia and Argentina and Hippeastrum papilio, native to Brazil. Bred by Fred Meyer of California.

Lima's parentage:

Hippeastum cybister andPhoto: Doug Westfall (

Hippeastrum papilio.Photo: Doug Westfall (

Here is a list of cybister hybrids, maybe some are readily available and maybe some are hard to find.

Jungle Star
La Paz
Rio Negro
Ruby Meyer
Night Star
Cyber Queen
San Miguel
Santa Rosa
Autumn Star


PlantPostings said...

Your time-lapse photos are always fascinating to see. A rare glimpse of how the flower moves from closed bud to open blossom. Sigh. Thanks for the virtual eye candy!

Mr Brown Thumb said...

Very nice bloom. I searched all over this year to buy some of these weirdly shaped hybrids, but nobody was selling them at the nurseries and garden centers I go to.

One shop owner told me sales of the hybrids slowed down in the past couple of years so they've decided to just go with the traditional blooms.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting flower. A new one to me.

Lily said...

@Plant Postings,
You're welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

Thanks. I got a couple of cybister bulbs and papilio online last year. I could never find them in local garden centers also.

Yes it is. Thanks for the visit.

Bom said...

Great photos! I am not familiar with this plant. It's very interesting. Thanks for the introduction.

Lily said...

Thanks Bom. I tried the black cloth background and the new camera. :)

Alistair said...

Hello Lily, great looking flower which I am unfamiliar with. I have aspirations of taking photographs such as these.

Lily said...

Hi Alistair,

I have seen fellow amaryllis growers' photos using black cloth background. I adapted it. I got a SLR camera as a Christmas present, played with it and the results are the photos you see on this post. Thanks.


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