Tuesday, February 15, 2011

See You In A Month Time

I am going back to my hometown and I will be leaving on Sunday. I will be back on the last week of March just in time for spring. Leaving you all with a little glimpse of my garden. Enjoy!

Double Oriental Lily

One of the Daydream tulips dug and planted elsewhere in the garden. My Silk Road lilies were planted where they were and just a hint of TVB prevention, I moved them.

I am not sure which ones are these: Ollioulles or Pink Impression.

NOID tulips and one of my old and beaten shovels.

Geranium maculatum

Geranium, a multiflowering daff and a couple of daff Mount Hood.

Aah spring....


More violets, no Latin name this time.

My NOID Columbine.

And of course hostas.

Lilacs and the princess.

Princess with her picks of the day.

See ya!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Asiatic Lily Sphinx and the Stylish Blogger Award

For Valentine's Day post, I have here Sphinx, a red double asiatic lily. This lily is unstable. Some flowers will come out the perfect double form, some singles and some with yellow or white kind of striping in its petals. I have chosen these two images which I think are the best representation of this lily.

Asiatic Lily Sphinx

Asiatic Lily Sphinx

Last spring, I have some Aladdin tulips in the garden, the color is appropriate for the the Valentine's Day theme.
Aladdin Tulips

Also the red berries of Jack in the pulpit harvested last fall.
(Arisaema triphyllum)

It is such a great honor to be awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. Many thanks to Rosie of My Garden Haven...A Fine Romance.

In accepting this award, here are seven random things about myself.

1. My favorite actor is Jason Stratham of The Transporter and The Mechanic movies.
2. My favorite singer is Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.
3. I love playing scrabble and solving crossword puzzles.
4. My other hobby is sewing.
5. I love to play bowling even though I am not good at it.
6. I collect milk glass and other vintage glasses. I also collect vintage vases.
7. I don't like horror movies.

My list of 15 new bloggers I have recently met.

1. William of Life of a Gardener.
2. Alistair of Aberdeen Gardening From Bonnie Scotland.
3. Chris of Rooftop Botany in the City-My World of Plants.
4. Bom of The Plant Chaser.
5. Larry of Conrad Art Glass and Garden.
6. Beth of Plant Postings.
7. Jack of Seqouia Garden.
8. Carol of Flower Hill Farm.
9. Carolyn of Carolyn's Shade gardens.
10. Lona of A Hocking Hills Garden.
11. AliceAnastasia of Bay Area Tendrils.
12. Fer of My Little Garden In Japan.
13. Chris of Garden Sense.
14. Toni of Signature Garden.
15. Ficurinia of Amateur Bot-Ann-ist.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Martagon Seeds

This is my first time to sow martagon seeds. Martagon seeds have delayed hypogeal germination. The first photo are of the seeds I have acquired from NALS Seed Exchange last year, the last packet is of an Oriental cross which is also delayed hypogeal germination. The second photo are of the seeds sown in zip baggies. Sown today, 02.02.11.

More info:Seed Germination.

The following photos are from the gardens of Tom Micheletti, the current President of the American Hosta Society. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Germinating Orienpet Seeds

A couple of weeks ago, I was very fortunate to obtain some tetraploid orienpet seeds from Dr. Griesbach after his lecture at my local lily society.

These seeds are all viable. Dr. G. candles lily seeds around October and November and donates tons of seeds to the NALS Seed Exchange every year. Candling the seeds is done by spreading the seeds to a piece of clear glass or plastic illuminating behind it with a low intensity light and you can detect which seeds are viable to germinate, that is, the embryos are visible in the seeds versus seeds without.

Following Dr. G's technique of soaking seeds for five days (changing water everyday) and refrigerating the fully imbibed seeds for six weeks. The seeds has to be wrap in moist paper towel and put it in a closed container prior to refrigeration. After six weeks, the seeds will be sown. (NALS QB: Dec. 1, 2004, Discussions with Dr. Griesbach Concerning the Germination of OT Lily Seeds.)

Dr. Griesbach after the lecture.

His granddaughter Pearl Gracie.

And the lily he named for her: Pearl Stacey(supose to be Pearl Gracie).
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