Friday, May 18, 2012

New Plants for the Garden

This spring, I have been to several garden centers in search for some cool plants. I have known a couple of these from fellow bloggers.
Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee', bought specifically for this area where majority of the plantings are lilies and daylilies and are all green. I am in search for the variegated Iris pallida for this area.
A close-up photo of its stems and foliage.
This is how it look like when I brought it home, it is about two feet tall. The tag says it can grow up to 5 feet tall and blooms in late summer with tall white spires.
Aruncus aesthusifolius, dwarf goatsbeard.
Helleborus Winter Jewels 'Cherry Blossom'. I did a search online and it look like H. Elegance White. Its blossoms are a double greenish-white with maroon speckles.
This is its tag and when I research for Cherry Blossom, this is what I have found: Walter's Gardens info and Monrovia.
Iris 'Gerald Darby'


ann said...

Well, I am anxious to see how these new additions to your garden mature and bloom. I am not familiar with any of them. What zone are you? You have quite a nice variety of texture and leaf shape. Please share the results.

Bom said...

Cool loot, Lily. Especially the black negligee. Great color for foliage.

Lily said...


I am in zone 5 (old one). Next spring I will do a follow up on them just like those sickly looking tree peonies that I have bought last fall.

Having mostly lilies and hostas in my garden, I want to have some varieties. I started with Eremurus last fall, which sadly did not come up at all.

I started adding Baptisia, Delphinium and Lupine in my garden and so far, I like them growing with the lilies.

Thank you.

Lily said...


Thanks. I chose Black Negligee over Brunnette at the garden center. The fact that it will grow up to five feet tall is something that I like to contrast with the tall OT lilies.

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