Friday, June 15, 2012

Ismene festalis

These bulbous plants are currently blooming in my garden. I planted some bulbs in the ground when the weather in late March soared to 90 F. I also unpotted one of my older bulbs and planted it in the ground and has offset like crazy. They seem to thrive in my daily watering and a dose of liquid fertilizer once a week. One of the bulbs that remained potted is also blooming. These plants are native to South America and are hardy in zones 8-10 here in the US. They are very inexpensive and are readily available from garden centers in spring time. A hybrid of I. longipetala x I. narcissiflora.
Ismene × deflexa
Hymenocallis × festalis
Hymenocallis x deflexa
Source: Kew Royal Botanic Gardens World Checklist

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