Friday, August 10, 2012

The Last Blooming Lilies And Others

 The flower show is almost over, with a few blooms here and there. Since the weather has cool off a little bit, I started working in the garden. I started off with digging and dividng my irises. I am waiting for another month or so before I begin moving some of my lilies to a sunnier spot in the garden. Here are a few blooms from the garden.
The first two photos are of Scarlet Delight. An orienpet lily with short stature, about 3-4 feet tall.
Lilium Sweet Surrender, a new lily in my garden. It is kinda short as is the case of lilies planted in the spring. Next year, it will grow its normal height.
These are the only orientals that their buds had fully open. With the drought we have had here, my other orientals' buds dried off or failed to open. Their lower leaves fell off.
Lilium speciosum rubrum 'Uchida'
Another lily that grew short is Conca d' Or. I love the fragrance of this lily that I added a few more in my garden.
Weird Lilium henryi
Recent shot of my Gloriosa lilies.
Dahlia 'Roxy' with Eucomis bicolor.
Gladiolus 'Passos'
This Crinum just bloomed for me. Purchased as C. Stars and Stripes. On my research, it look like Crinum jagus var. rattrayi. It has plump buds, pure white flowers and gardenia-like fragrance.
Its leaves are dark green, erect and thick. The light green leaves in front are of Amarcrinum's. Happy weekend everyone.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

I like Conca d'Orr also. The shorter ones seem to look better in my garden just peeking over the top of other plants.


PlantPostings said...

Oh, thanks for the reminder--I need to divide my Irises, too! You have quite a few blooms still. I love the Gloriosa shot!

Alistair said...

Great shots of your Lilies. The Lilium henryi is indeed very unusual and interesting. We planted a number of Sweet Surrender last Autumn, they have all bloomed but some of them have leaves which have gone brown completely and I am thinking it may be a disease of some sorts.

Lily said...

Eileen, I know what you mean. The short ones are easy to care for also, no staking. :)

Lily said...


I moved and divided some iris and ordered some more, so I need to finish planting before the fall clean up begins. This month will be busy month for me. :)

Lily said...


It could be botrytis, a fungus disease. It attacks the leaves, buds, flowers and seedpods. Excessive moisture and warm temps causes the outbreak. Good air circulation in the garden may prevent it. Thanks for the compliments.

Bom said...

You call that flower show "over"? That's still a lot of beautiful blooms! I wish we could share scent online. I'm intrigued by your description of the Conca d'Or.

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