Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amending The Soil With Used Coffee Grounds

I have 6 amaryllis bulbs waiting to be planted. They are left overs from the 16 box kits I bought at Walmart as gifts to my coworkers who are also avid gardeners. I have originally planned on planting them in mid January but their scapes are getting longer and I don't want their reserved energies expended that way so I potted them up today.

I soaked the roots in warm water overnight to give them a head start. I trimmed off the dried roots and here they are ready for planting.

Since I have learned a year ago that Used Coffee Grounds are great for soil amending, I toss all of our UCGs in my garden beds. I saved up UCGs for several days to be used for potting up these group of amaryllis.

I added the UCGs in the potting soil, including the filters which will decompose in time and mixed them real good.

Since these bulbs are Walmart cheapos and that box kits are widely mislabeled, I am expecting some surprises in 6 weeks time. All of these are suppose to be Apple Blossoms.

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