Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update On My Amaryllis

I just want to provide some update in my previous post(December 28 post) about my group of amaryllis that did not make it to bloom last Christmas. I potted them up a week late otherwise I had a grand bouquet of red amaryllis during the holiday season.

This is how they looked like when I bought them:

From Home Depot

From Ace Hardware

Apple Blossom turned out to be Minerva.....
I am glad she is mislabeled, I already got 2 mislabeled Apple Blossoms from De Groot...

She's a beauty, don't you agree?

Red Lion, true to its name....kudos to Netherland Bulb Company. Ace Hardware had 2 box kit suppliers: De Groot and Netherland Bulb Company. The De Groot box kits are all mislabels! I swear this will be it for me buying box kits, no more next year!

These nice pair of red beauties opened up on New Year's Day.

They got the bouquet look I am after for.
For more pics, please visit my photobucket albums.

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