Monday, January 11, 2010

Unhappy Amaryllis Papilio

My Papilios are unhappy in the basement. It is about 60 degrees F down there and upstairs is about 75 degrees F. The leaves had brown spots and a couple leaves had brown tips.

So this morning I brought them upstairs where they can get plenty of sunshine from the south facing window and so that I can water and feed them on a regular basis. I have been feeding them Miracle Gro bloom booster. I hope this will help them up.

I purchased them almost 3 months ago from EdensBlooms. They weren't the size Aaron(owner of EdensBlooms) listed. The smallest one is about 14 cm in circumference which made me kind of upset because I paid full price and I got that small bulb. Aaron gave me a $5 credit. Along with the Papilio order are 3 Stylosum and 3 Roseum bulbs which were too dried out that I have to peel several dried layers before I can see the greenish bulb. So for the record, all of the Stylosum did not make it, they just continued to dry out and shrank to death and only one Roseum made it with one leaf. I will email Aaron about this and see how he will handle the situation.

I brought Roseum upstairs. I hope the warmer temperature will help.

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