Friday, December 17, 2010

Covered Bridge Festival

We spent four days last October in Parke County Indiana for the Covered Bridge Festival. Headquartered in Rockville since 1957. Boasting thirty one bridges that were all located in Parke County. The covered bridges were all restored to their old glory. For more info, please click on the above link.

We drove through dirt roads and in the middle of the forest to see these bridges. The added bonus to the trip was the changing colors of the leaves of the trees.

The Covered Bridge Festival also has miles and miles long flea markets along the highways.

While bridge hopping, we drove past an Amish property. It is so neat to see their buggies parked like cars in this modern era we are living in today.

We stopped by one of the Amish owned nurseries and as I was making a plant selection, an Amish lady came out of the house to tell us that they are closed on Sundays. Oh well.

While we were on the dirt road looking for another bridge that's marked on the map, we stumbled upon this older house tucked in the middle of nowhere. The house is in great shape, it just need some landscaping.

An entrance to the 'Drunk Tank' of the old prison in Rockville.


Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

That's a lot of covered bridges. It looked like you could still drive through them. We have one in Valley Forge Park that is still in use. I love driving through and thinking of all the people who have come before me. Carolyn

Lily said...

Yes, most of them could still be driven through. I can imagine the sounds of the horses' hoofs on the floor boards. On our last day, we spent it at the Billie Creek Village. There was a guided tour to one of the areas farm houses and rode a horse drawn wagon. We went through a beaten track that was used in that era. It's kinda neat.

Anonymous said...

Hi lily,
I really liked your post. Like Carolyn, I am from Pennsylvania and we have many covered bridges in Berks and Bucks Counties. You took me 'home', even though your beautiful images are from Indiana.

Alistair said...

Great to see restoration work carried out on these bridges. This type of thing should be done more often in Scotland.We recently had a television series about the Amish people. It all revolved around six young Amish people when reaching a certain age move out of there community for a short while just to see if in fact they wish to stay with there people.It was great to follow there journey here and how they were initially shocked by the behaviour of our teenagers.A couple of the Amish boys did succumb a little to our, shall I say more depraved attitudes. They did all end up being good friends, I think the Amish kids were glad to get back home, hope some of there ways rubbed off in our lot.

Kathleen said...

It still looks like fall there ~ I had to recheck your post date! That's great. It's so picturesque too. You can't beat a covered bridge ~ we don't have any (that I know of) in Colorado.
Thanks so much for faving my blog too. I read that you like to grow Amaryllis as well? I'll have to keep checking back so I can see yours. Happy holidays!

Lily said...

Thanks GWGT.

Lily said...


That must be a good TV series. I have read about them in books. I came here in the US 8 years ago and actually seeing them on this trip is like history before my eyes.

There is a county in Indiana with the largest Amish community in the US. When I have the time, I will visit the area.

Lily said...

Kathleen, we went there on the second week of October.

You're welcome and yeah, I grow amaryllis also and I am looking forward to see your amaryllis post.

Happy holidays everyone!!!!

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