Friday, December 17, 2010

LA Royal Respect

This lily is one of the first lilies that I have grown. They have been growing and multiplying like crazy in my garden, just like any other LA lilies. Obtained from Michigan Bulb Company years ago. My mother in law received a catalog from them, showed it to me and even helped me order. My father in law and my husband discouraged us from ordering but she was so persistent. Looking back, my MIL got me started in gardening . I ordered from them a few times and most of the plants died. Later I found out what kind company they were. To date, apart from the lilies, the three burning bushes are the reminiscent of my Michigan Bulbs orders.

Registered in 1997 by J. WA. Van Der Wereld and Zn. BV. Pale greenish-yellow when they open and maturing to white. Few spots are present. The flower orientation is up to out facing.

Royal Respect with Centerfold.

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