Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lily Seeds And Bulbs

It is too wet and too cold to do some gardening outside so I did the "gardening" inside instead.

Sown lily seeds:
L. henryi x Madam Butterfly by Forrest Peiper. (2010 NALS Seed Exchange)

Queen Kong x Anton Mego seedling by Hank Ziuko. (2011 Seed Exchange)

Madame Butterfly x Gold Eagle by Forrest Peiper. (2010 Seed Exchange)

Species L. leucanthum and L. kelloggii. (2010 Seed Exchange)

My own cross, trumpets Golden Splendor x Pink Perfection from last year's harvest.

Planted bulbs:

Here are some updates on the seeds and bulbs I have previously sown and planted. Also a couple of pictures of plants I have recently acquired and what are blooming in the garden.

Griesbach OT seedlings.

Agapanthus Headbourne hybrid growing with Oxalis.

Some Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) from a friend in Minnesota which arrived from the mail yesterday.

Japanese Anemone bought from a local garden club yesterday.

Outside, the Geranium macs are in full bloom.

So are daff Sundisc...

and daff Salome.

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