Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Other Blooms In The Garden

N. bulbocodium 'Golden Bells'

The cup dominates the flower on this daff. Late blooming variety.

Azalea 'Daybreak'

Although I lost two of these last winter, the one that is left has rewarded me with some blooms.

NOID Aquilegia

This Aquilegia persists in my garden for a few years now.

Oxalis 'Iron Cross'

These are the ones that I potted up early this spring. They are putting in quite a show now.

Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Excelsior'

I planted a few bulbs two years ago and I like them so much. This fall I will be adding some more in the garden.

Hosta 'Liberty'

Although not a bloom, I decided to include this hosta. It is so beautiful. I added it in my collection in the spring of 2009. Kind of slow growing for me but it is worth all the wait.


PlantPostings said...

You have some beauties blooming there, Lily! I'm jealous about the Oxalis. I tried to plant some one time, but now luck. Either I picked a bad spot or the critters dug up the bulbs. I absolutely love your header photo of the Hostas and the Tulip!

Bom said...

Your Hosta looks great. How do you make your leaves shine like that?

The Sage Butterfly said...

The color on that azalea is so beautiful...a deep melon-y kind of hue. All your plants are lovely!

Lily said...

Thanks! Sorry to hear about your oxalis. Mine spent a few weeks in the basement until they bloomed so they are protected from sqirrels digging in the pot. The tulip in the header photo was 'parked' by a squirrel beside Sagae.

Thanks! I did not do anything special, it's Liberty's natural look and the filtered sunlight it received. :)

@Sage Butterfly,
They kinda glow. Thank you for the compliments.

Linnea said...

I have Liberty also. It is my absolute favorite hosta. I love the form, as well as the coloration.

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