Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Flower of Spring 2012

The temperature yesterday was in the mid 40s and the sun was shining. I was surprised to see one crocus blooming in the garden. It is too early for it to bloom but then our winter is weird.

The previous day, I spotted this daff sending up a flower scape.

And here is my good old amaryllis 'Sydney'. She never fails to bloom every year.


Alistair said...

Your single Crocus may look lonely in your garden, but she is making a great statement on your blog.

Jean said...

So good to see the first Crocus! I was outside pretending it was April. With each passing day there is less of a chance it will turn back to winter!

PlantPostings said...

Beautiful blooms, Lily! I noticed my Daffodils are budding, too, even way up here in the north country! Everything seems about a month ahead of schedule. That Amaryllis is stunning!

Andrea said...

Everybody is saying their winter season is weird, unexpected, etc, or everything about it is different. I hope this climate change will not make us hotter, or our summer drier! It looks like this is again the beginning of your gardening escapades.

[My rudbeckia and coneflower are growing bigger, as well as the 2 seedlings of dianthus. But the lilies are the most happy here]

Lily said...

Thanks and thank you for the visit.

I did that too yesterday. I went around the garden like it is spring and even pulled a few creeping charlies out of the garden beds!

Thanks. Yes, it certainly is. Crocuses blooming in mid February-crazy!

I was wondering about that. What will be the impact of our mild winter to the other parts of the globe?

Another gardening season is here. I am so looking forward to see the new plants I have added in the gardens and to see how the garden beds come to life when all of the plants wake up.

(Thanks for the update on your plants. Got you some hippi seeds and waiting for some more before I send you a package.)

Andrea said...

The coneflower seems to be tasty for some unknown eaters, which i can't see at daytime. But they left some lacy leaves. The rudbeckia is doing well, but all those transplants i did suffered stress and very much smaller than the original.

Lily said...

That's bad news. I hope they recover and bloom for you in the future. I have two new cultivars I planted last fall, will collect the seedheads when they are done blooming and will send some to you. It's good to know that they will grow in tropical climate.

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