Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Hippeastrum Misty and Rosario

Trumpet Misty and Cybister Rosario


Carol @ OhWhatABeautifulGarden-Chicagoland said...

Wednesday may be wordless, but those plant names are a mouthful

Andrea said...

Wow you are blog-alive again! Do they bloom just immediately when the snow melts? Our amaryllis are now starting to dry the leaves and start dormancy. They will bloom again almost simultaneously after the first heavy rains in the dry season.

PlantPostings said...

Hi Lily: Lovely blooms! I've missed you! Are you starting to see spring bloomers poking through?

crinum malacitano said...

Maravillosos. Fotos perfectas. Saludos. Juan.

Bom said...

These are beautiful, Lily. The striated pattern and colors remind me of candy cane.

Lily said...



Amaryllis/Hippeastrum are indoor bloomers here. What I do is order the bulbs in the fall, store them and plant them one by one so I can have succession of blooms all winter. Come spring time after danger of froze is past, they will be brought outside, give them tlc until fall so they will bloom again in winter time.

For pics of bulbs see my flickr album:

Thanks! I am too busy with my work and since it is winter, I am afraid I stopped posting regularly. Yes, I do, there are a lot of daffs poking through and a couple of lily noses are up and tons of those minor spring bloomers.


Thank you!


Thanks. I see what you mean on Misty. :)

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