Saturday, April 28, 2012


These daffs are new additions to the garden last fall. Some of them are now done blooming. A group of fragrant no name daffs that I bought at a garden center. In the picture are Geranium maculatum and tulip Shirley. A better picture of the no name daffs. These are Katie Heath daffs. The cups are short and are proportionate to the size of the flower. They have been blooming for quite a while now because of the cold April weather. The double-flowered White Lion are now done blooming. They bloom a little bit early. These are Salome planted at the edge of the raise bed. Their cups are a little bit longer than of Katie Heath's and I think the color of their cups are the same when they mature. They open golden yellow then they gradually mature to pink.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

The white no names could be Thalia that are more delicate and later than Mt. Hood.

I like the Katie daffodils as I have Salome.

My lilies are huge right now and I worry about the frost warnings but so far they look ok.


Lily said...

Thanks Eileen for the ID. I believe you are correct and I agree, Thalia is delicate looking.

I also like Katie Heath. It's got the look that made it stood out among the other daffs I grow.

I have a few lilies that got bitten by frost. Most of them are Asiatics. The OTs are okay.

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