Monday, April 30, 2012

Hippeastrum Rosario

Today, I found one of my hippeastrums with root rot. The leaves that grew after it bloomed has turned yellow and that made me suspicious. Luckily the basal plate is not rotten.
This is the bulb after a thorough clean up. I cut part of the basal plate to make it thinner so the new roots will easily grow. It will be dipped in fungicide and leave it to dry for a few days before potting it up.
Its blossoms last winter.

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Andrea said...

Hello Lily, I am glad you again find some time to post. Your flowers are coming out so beautiful again. I am so disappointed that my AdSense application was disapproved, and i can't decipher what is wrong! I see you have AdSense too. [The first rudbeckia already bloomed, very beautiful, but with the heat we are having now the plant is not able to produce more! Other plants in other pots not performing the same. The two lilies are alive but not growing fast. I guess they are overwhelmed by the heat, haha!]

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