Monday, February 4, 2013

Hippeastrum Floris Hekker

Floris Hekker has medium size flowers. The green strappy leaves grew at the same time with the scapes. Although short in stature, it compensated its shortcoming with its vibrant red flowers. In the second photo, FH was photographed with Chico and supposed to be Red Lion.


Andrea said...

Hi Lily, looks like you have some free time now. My comment in the first post is not accepted, always say service not available, tried this post. That last one, is it the Red Lion, is so uniquely shaped, first time to see that type.

Steve Lau said...

Mine is just starting to rise now, and should flower in about 2 weeks. I also have some starting from seed, and they seem to grow great even in indoor conditions with low light.

You can probably save some seeds to plant later.

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