Friday, February 8, 2013

Seeds, Seedling and Pods

I was down at the basement doing some watering and cleaning and thought of sharing what is happening down there.
I received a few seed packets of Charlie Kroell lilies last fall. I tried sowing a packet and the below pic is the result. I don't remember how many seeds were in the packet, but there were seven that came up.
These are the Griesbach Asiatic lily seeds I received from the good doctor. I sowed the 1b plum x 1b plum seeds. I hope to sow the others soon.
Asiatic lily 1b plum x 1b plum seedlings.
My Hippeastrum cross, Bogota x Rapido.
And another cross of mine made last year, Hippeastrum San Remo x Rapido.
Hippeastrum Wedding Dance x Graffiti, cross made by a friend from Hawaii.
The big fat pod is of Hippeastrum Exotic Star x Bogota.
The pods at 12 and 6 o' clock are of Exotic Star x Papilio.
Hopefully these will all take, H. Chico x H. papilio.
H. striatum x H. papilio, ripening.
Last fall, I collected lots of open pollinated trumpet African Queen lily seeds. If anybody is interested to experiment and grow lilies from seeds, email me and I will send you a packet. These seeds are mixed of four strains of AQ growing in my garden.


PlantPostings said...

Wow, is that ever exciting! I don't start seeds inside, so it's fun to see the progress on other people's blogs.

Clayton said...

Love it! Good luck! So far I am enjoying the growth in my basement and also now starting some Narcissus bulbs. Nice to see.


Clayton said...

Love it!
So nice to see them growing.

I would take some of those seeds and I think you have my address.


Andrea said...

Hi Lily, you have a lot to play with again. Mine are already sown for a week, my sister keep watching and watering, i will go home next-next week and will get your bulbs by then for Rennced. I've seen a virused plant for sale here, what is the variety of the white multipetals with orange margins? They don't seem to be wary of the virus in plants they are selling, i am sad for the industry and those uninformed.

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