Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Blooms In My Garden

As the month of March is coming to a close and as the weather warms up, I am eagerly anticipating for the different kinds of blooms to show up in my garden. I am already excited to see these beauties that are currently blooming here in my little corner of the world.

Ice Follies

I planted some of these daff variety close to the foundation of the house. Only one bloomed this spring. I am planning to move them to a sunnier spot in the garden once their leaves turn brown.

Rijnveld's Early Sensation?

When I was a newbie gardener, I didn't really cared about the names of the plants I buy. What matters is the flower. As the years go by, I became interested in putting names to my plants and learning more about them. I started borrowing books from my local library and educating myself online.

Of what interest me most during springtime are the wildflowers.

Viola sororia, one of my wildflower favorites. Last fall, I transferred three of these along the walkway so when I get in and out of the house, they are the first plants I see. I love the color punch they bring in my garden.

Today, I am so glad to see that some of my Trillium Recurvatums are unfurling.

Here are some more spring flowering beauties in my garden:
Chionodoxa forbesii

Chionodoxa forbesii

Puschkinia scilloides libanotica

Puschkinia scilloides libanotica

and tulips.

These sedum Rupestre Angelina were buried deep in the snow last winter. Here they are showing their wonderful colors already.

A co-worker gave me these spring blooming plants.

Galanthus nivalis

Crocus vernus 'Vanguard'

Please feel free to correct me if I made a mistake with the plant names.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your plants are so far ahead of mine. The bloom stalks of my 'Ice Follies' haven't reached blooming height yet, and the little wild violets are just sprouting leaves. Every year I promise myself that I'll get some 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation,' but I never seem to. Sorry I can't give you a positive ID on that. It's either that one or 'King Alfred,' which is also very early. I love Puskinia too, but oddly, I don't have them either. Makes me wonder what's going on in my head in fall.

Anonymous said...

Very nice collection of blooms. I don't have this many yet, but I'm anxiously awaiting the wild violets this year.

garden girl said...

Very nice! You've got so many early-spring bloomers. They're beautiful.

Lily said...

Mr. McGregor's Daughter,

It is King Alfred, I remembered now. Thanks so much for the ID. I noticed this year that my early tulip bloomers bloomed a few days earlier compared to last year and have less blooms than last year.

I made a mental note to order Scillas in the fall. I hope I won't forget it. When life is so hectic, I can't remember and do all the stuff I need to do.

Thanks. I am like that too once the snow melted out from my garden.

Garden Girl,
Thank you! They are my winter blah relievers! :)

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