Friday, April 2, 2010

A Visit To Lurvey's Garden Center

Saturday last week, I had the chance to go and visit Lurvey's. It was a good 15 to 20 minutes drive from where I live. It is not that far but finding the time to go is the problem.

I went there to check if they have the fungicide I am looking for and I am glad they carry it so I don't need to order it online. Also,I wanted to see if they have strawberry starts and of course lily bulbs. It is too early in the season so they don't have strawberries yet. They have a lot of bulbs for spring planting and I found some nice lilies I like. Outside, they have the usual spring flowering plants like tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and some roses.

Inside Lurvey's is this round shape etched glass in beautiful blue color. It is a good fung shui element. It brings good luck.

This is a nice garden display inside the store. They also have nice selection of garden ornaments like ceramic snails and mushrooms, tin flowers and insects. There is a couple of seed racks , a rack of books and a wall display of different kinds of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.

They have a big pond in the greenhouse and they have all sorts of pond and aquarium supplies.

Being an amaryllis enthusiast, I couldn't help myself take a photograph of this amaryllis with big red blooms.

They also have Easter lilies.

I bought this 26 cm L. Regale bulb. Other bulbs I bought are Oriental Salmon Star and Asiatic Cappuccino.

Happy Easter everyone!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

I have been to Lurveys a few times. It is a ways from my home, but we have relatives that live up in that area.

I also bought some lilies recently, don't have in the ground yet - thanks for the reminder.


garden girl said...

Happy Easter!

Sounds like a cool place! I love the pond.

Lily said...

Isn't it a nice place? The staff are super nice too.

I have already planted some of my lilies. I still have a lot to plant though.

Happy Easter!

Lily said...

Garden Girl,
Happy Easter to you too!

Yes it is a cool place. At least I have an alternative place to go to when I can't find something in the BB stores.

I love the pond too. I wish I have the space to build one in my yard. :)

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