Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Some of these daffodils are growing in my garden for years and some had been planted last fall. Some of my older daffodils needed to be divided, some needed to be moved and some needed fertilizer. I am not really in favor of using fertilizer but this spring I sprinkled some bulb fertilizer in my garden in which the primary recepient are my lilies and my daffodils have benefited from it also. I have seen some of my old daffodils bloom that are bloomless the previous years.

'Red Rascal'

'Mount Hood'

'Ice Follies'

'Barett Browning'

'Ice King'



'Red Devon'



Unknown #1


Unknown #3

Unknown #4

Unknown #5

Unknown #6

Unknown #7

Unknown #8


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You have a great selection of daffodils. I probably have the same reverse bicolor mystery daffodil. It could be 'Honeybird' or 'Spellbinder' or something else entirely. This is the first year I've seen 'Mt Hood' emerge with a white cup. I'll have to try fertilizing an old clump of it which has stopped blooming. That or divide it.

Lily said...

Thanks. I will google search for the names you gave me. My 'Mt. Hood' emerged with yellow cup. I dug up a clump of one of my double daffs because a neighbor wanted some of them, there were about 8 bulbs with no growth at all and lo and behold, larvae of NBF are feeding in them. I hope your daffs don't have them.

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