Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last Saturday, I have attended the Northern Illinois Hosta Society meeting at the Friendship Park Conservatory in Des Plains. I had the chance to hear Ken Harris, American Hosta Society Photo Editor, talk about digital cameras and gave us basic photography lesson. Taking pictures, he said, is like gardening, you have to get down and get dirty. And the best time to get picture is in the morning, in the afternoon and on a cloudy day.

As it is hosta season, some of my hostas are beginning to show their true colors.

New to me last year is H. Designer Genes, a red petioled hosta. I bought this from my society when Mark Zilis was our guest speaker in spring last year discussing what went on with the production and publication of his book 'Hostapedia'.

H. June Fever, one of the prettiest sports from the H. Halcyon family.

One of my favorites, H. Montana Aureomarginata. It has nice form and leaf color in summertime.

H. Wolverine

H. Liberty, a very nice hosta. This is a huge hosta just like H.Sagae, where it sported from.

I have been busy planting my lily bulbs but once I am done planting, I can devote some time in taking pictures of my hostas.


Dawn said...

It is amazing how quickly they come up and grow. When I got home last night I was amazed by how much they filled out during the day. :)

Lily said...

I am amazed too. Before I left for work this afternoon, I did a round at my garden. My Sagaes are like a foot tall now. It was like a week ago when I carefully planted lilies beside them and they were just shoots. And with the rain they received today, they'll definitely have growth spurt!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I have many hostas and I love their look in the garden. I must admit I do not know all of the names. I am getting better, but I have decided to make this my new mission to pay more attention to all of the "green" plants that I have in my garden.


Lily said...

You have some nice hostas. Like Hosta Thunderbolt I saw in your blog. It was to die for. I will be waiting for hosta pics in your blog. I will try to help you with their names if I can. Thanks for stopping by again.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I have 'June,' I have 'Halcyon,' but I'm ready to make room for 'June Fever.' If it's anything like its relatives, it must be an awesome Hosta. I've become obsessed with photographing the emerging Hosta foliage this spring. I can't believe I never noticed how cool it looks at this time of year.

Lily said...

You will not regret adding 'June Fever' in your garden. 'Touch of Class' is pretty too.

Spring brings out he best hosta leaf color-clean' crisp and fresh. They are beautiful. I hope to see some hosta pics in your blog. You take such good pictures.

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