Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Garden This Spring

It has been a while since I posted pics of spring beauties in my garden. This post is to update you guys on what are blooming. I have lots of lily noses poking through the ground and so are my hostas. The hosta I watched most to come out of senescence is Great Expectations. It is known to be finicky. I bought it as one-eye plant. This is its third year and it is still the same. The lilies that I waited to come out are the Auratum species. They are known to be temperamental in the garden. I saw their noses poke through and with several bulblets growing beside them. I am so glad!

Here are some pics taken today and some are taken a few days ago.

Specie Tulips Eastern Star

This combo has a little bit of everything.

My one and only hyacinth.

Please excuse the mess. I was installing that black plastic edger but I never finished it.

Daff Ice King.

This is the heavily shaded part of the garden.

Taken few days ago.

The orange tulips are the first tulip bloomers for me this spring.

Taken this afternoon.

And lastly, here are my asiatic lily Elodie. I planted 8 bulbs last year and they multiplied like crazy.

Asiatic Lily Elodie


garden girl said...

Beautiful! I love those lilies. I never used to have problems with lilies, but here the rabbits eat them as soon as they emerge in the spring. This year they're protected with some fencing, and hopefully we'll finally see some blooms.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Spring has really sprung in your garden. I like how the Chionodoxa makes everything around it look good. You've got such a nice clump of Trilliums. I have such trouble with them, but I still keep trying to grow them.
I don't like that plastic edging, it's so hard to work with. I prefer to use pavers in sand as edging, which is easier for me to install.

Lily said...

Garden Girl,
I love those Elodie lilies too. Nice color and a double flowered lily.

I don't see rabbits here and squirrels usually leave my lily bulbs alone. My problem this year are slugs. They are feasting on my lily noses. I need to do early spring clean-up before the lily noses and hosta eyes break ground next year.

I would love to see your lilies when they bloom!

Lily said...

Mr. McGregor's Daughter,
I leave my trilliums alone. I piled dried leaves on top of them last fall. I do not water them at all. I don't rake the leaves, just leave them like that.

You are so right. The plastic edger is a pain to install. I am not the lawn mower in our household and they don't like the pavers so we agreed on the plastic. Cutting those plastic alone is hard. I have to ask some help on this project, I'm afraid. :)

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