Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have added some hybrid tulips in my garden last year and I am disappointed that they came up mislabeled. Some of these tulips pictured below are planted years ago. They say that hybrid tulips are just good for one year or two show. It's not true. In my experience, Triumph tulip ' Shirley' is my living proof. They are planted in my garden six or seven years ago and they show up without fail every year. It is the same with the species tulips. They come back every year. Proof is my species tulip 'Eastern Star' that I have planted about the same time as my tulip 'Shirley'. I have added a few species tulips last year and have been pleased with their performance this spring. One is 'Dasystemon Tarda'. A single stem can produce up to 4 flowers. They are pretty little things.

Lily-flowering tulip 'Ballade'

Triumph tulips 'Purple Flag'

Lily-flowering tulips 'Claudia'

Triumph tulip 'Shirley'

Unknown lily-flowering tulip.

Species tulip 'Tinka'

Species tulips 'Dasystemon Tarda'

Lily flowering tulips 'Aladdin'

Lily-flowering tulip 'Marriette' with Tulip Breaking Virus(TBV).

Tulip 'Mariette' has been dug and disposed of. Here is what the infected bulb looked like.

I grow lots of lilies and this is not good. TBV is known to affect lilies too. The color breaking of the flower is the sign and there is no cure for it. Last year, I have one Oriental lily that has a sign of TBV in it but I did not pay attention until I had my lily lectures last winter. I have to wait until it will bloom to dispose of it.


Mr Brown Thumb said...

I don't think I've ever paid attention to the lily flowering tulips before but that yellow one sure has caught my eye!

They're really nice, even though you must be disappointed with the mislabeled plants they're still really beautiful blooms.

Lily said...

Yes, I agree they are still nice even when they are mislabeled. Right now, tulips and daffodils are the flowers you can see in my garden and a mini bleeding heart. And if you count the wild violets, they are putting on a show. Talk about invasives, these ones grow anywhere!

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