Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Lily Bulbs Are Here!

From Faraway Flowers:

The Pearl Collection, Elusive, Night Flyer, Nymph, L. Canadense, Conca D'Or, Chiara, Cocktail Twins, Faith, Robert Swanson, Vandella, Ormea, Big Brother, Hiawatha, Jameson, Forever Susan, Dimention, Time Zone, Tropical Breeze, Friso, Moselle, Tiger Edition and bonus bulb Pearl County.

From The Lily Garden:

Ariadne, Eros, Karen North, Red Velvet, Silk Road and bonus bulbs Quintessence and Black Beauty.

From B and D Lilies:

Napa Valley, Sun Valley, Orange Valley, Ocean Breeze, Davyd, Cragganmore, Distant Drum, Eudoxia, El Condor, Gizmo and bonus bulb Pink Oriental.


MrBrownThumb said...


That's a lot of blooms! Can't wait to see pictures of them on your blog.

Lily said...

Sorry for the late reply. I will definitely post pics when they bloom!

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