Monday, April 19, 2010

Plant Tags

Last year during fall planting, I ran out of plant tags. I found some metal brackets for hanging shelves in the basement and wrote the plant names in it with permanent marker. My husband saw my tags and brought home some scrapped metals from his work and told me to engrave them instead.

Cut them into two and voila, perfect tags.

I tried engraving for the first time and it's so easy to do.

Note the plant tag that I used in this pic.

I think these tags will last a lifetime. They are perfect for my lilies and hostas!


Mr Brown Thumb said...

Clever use of those pieces of metal and I "LOLed" when I saw the plant marker in the last pic. Good thing your husband saw your need and came home with some that's a little bit more attractive.

Lily said...

I have forgotten about those tags/markers my husband got me until your post of plant labels. I will be on the hunt for metals now that I can use as markers. It will save me some money rather than buying those ones they sell by the 100s from an on-line company.

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