Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lilium hansonii

The lily I am sharing in this post is Lilium hansonii, a martagon species native to Korea. Its flower is yellow, slightly recurved with brown spots. It is reported that it can grow up to four feet tall. Mine is only 2 feet as it has not really settled in in my garden. I have acquired this lily in the spring of 2010 from my local lily society. It did not flower then. It has rewarded me with three lovely blooms this spring.

Martagon lilies have whorled leaves, meaning three or more leaves at each node, and so are some lilium species like L. canadense.

The other martagon species:

L. martagon
L. medeoloides
L. tsingtauense
L. distichum

Happy gardening.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

A beautiful delicate lily! I am going to begin branching out with my lilies this fall. I find with a small garden, I always have room for a lily!


ann said...

This lily is so beautiful and unusual. Do you think that it would grow in Colorado?

Alistair said...

What a beautiful Lily, we have one in the garden called lily tigrinum splendens, perhaps more common than your one but still makes a good statement in the garden.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Lovely color! bright and summery...

Lily said...

That is great! There is always room for lilies. ;)

Lilies are hardy in Colorado.

Tigrinum splendens, now Lancifolium splendens is the true tiger lily. I have tons in my garden and I love them. They might be common but they are beautiful.

Nicholas Kim said...

Thank You For All the Info From Your Experience!

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