Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lily Buds

It is almost middle of June and I don't have lilies blooming yet. I took a few pics from the garden to show what it look like here while I am anticipating for lily blooms.

The hairy buds of Dani Arifin.

Hosta 'Orange marmalade' and Tiny Bee.

Hosta 'Whirlwind' and another group of Tiny Bee.

I think this is one of the Tiny series.

I believe these are my Algarve lilies.

This is what it look like on one corner of the garden.

This is one of Bill Cramer's Martagon Hansonii hybrid.

Martagon Hansonii buds.

And lastly, my Bletilla striata 'Kate' is blooming right now.

Happy gardening.


PlantPostings said...

Almost time for the wonderful Lilies of summer! I have quite a few in my garden, too. I'll have to do a post one of these days and maybe you can help me identify the cultivars.

Lily said...

Sure I will!

Alistair said...

Our Lilies are just about at the same stage as yours Lily, maybe just a little further behind.I am really looking forward to seeing them in bloom as most of them are new additions to the garden, quite a number of orienpets amongst them.Most of them only have four flowering buds, I was expecting more on each stem, not really sure , haven't grown many in the past.

Lily said...

Hi Alistair,
Four buds are good for lilies on their first season. As they mature, they will reward you with more.

Keith said...

Congrats on the Bletilla!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Isn't it funny how lily buds look almost as pretty as the blooms? I like the hairy buds of Dani Arifin.

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