Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lilies In Bloom

Just posting some images of the lilies blooming here in my garden.

LA Dani Arifin

Dani Arifin and Best Seller, another LA. I hope I have the time to move them to a new location this fall.

I thought this was one of the Tiny Series lilies but it turned out it's Aphrodite.

Tiny Todd

Tiny Ghost

Orange Electric

Tiny Skyline

One of the only two rose bushes that I grow in the garden.

Some of these lilies were shown in my previous posts. Happy gardening.


The Sage Butterfly said...

Aren't lillies wonderful? They add so much to the garden. Your lily varieties are lovely!

Lona said...

Lily your lilies are so beautiful. I love this time of the year when they start blooming. The LA is such a pretty one. I also like some double blooms so the Aphrodite really catches my eye. And roses too. We have some favorite plants in common. Have a wonderful week!

Linnea said...

Hi, Lily! I just ran across your blog by accident. I’m in the Lily Society too, so we will probably be growing some of the same varieties. I have a few of the Tiny series too. Tiny Todd is my favorite so far.


Lily said...

Tiny Todd is very pretty, I can see why it is your favorite. Thanks for the visit!

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