Monday, December 26, 2011

Late Fall Garden Plantings

During late fall, I was so busy in the garden. This was also the time where I have scored on plants at garden centers. Thanks to the mild climate we are experiencing right now.

Take for instance this Acer palmatum 'Fireglow'. It was bought for a song. It is still small where it is perfect for container culture. Since this was bought late, I hope it will pull through the winter. On my research, I found out that burying the pot is the best for container grown trees. I also bought Acer palmatum 'Oshio Beni' and planted it where the old stump was in the front garden.

In these pots beside the Jap tree were bulbs like tulips, daffodils, chionodoxa and dwarf iris. They need mulch. I hope there are still some for sale at the garden centers.

Only 3 bags got planted. Cheerfulness, Golden Ducat and White Lion. The original plan was the yellows should be planted in the middle. There's no more space for the last 2 bags. 38 bulbs were planted here.

Through the years, I have seen daffodils multiply in my garden whereas the hybrid tulips dwindle. Adding a few varieties every year seem to be my routine. I grow the species tulips, in fact I love those little tulips. Last fall, a friend from Minnesota sent me a bag each of parrot and fringed tulips where they were potted up together in one big container. Hoping for the best in spring because this is my first time to grow bulbs in containers. Hybrid tulips are nice but they don't perennialize.

This space was previously planted with a row of daylilies. I dug and sent them to a fellow gardener in Indiana whom I did a trade a year ago. She stopped by the house to pick up her plants because she was in the area visiting some relatives. We kept in touch eversince.

Another map of my plantings. I can see myself mapping out my garden in the future.

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Andrea said...

Happy New Year Lily. The garden is also nice to see when at that stage, at least I have a glimpse of their transformation. Your daughter doing the pollination is lovely, i bet she already gets the gardener sting from the mother. I will be in the waiting for the spring blooms.

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