Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lilies Blooming on 06.27.11

Tropical Breeze

Blackberry's Snack- named after Diana's (B and D Lilies) pet goat.

Rosella's Dream- bred by Warren Summers

Party Diamond



Yellow Electric-NOT


Gran Paradiso-tetra

Crimson Noble- a Hartle and Gilman lily.

Night Flyer-NOT

Pink Ray - bred by Bill Cramer

Graffity-the correct spelling according to the lily register. (Thanks Connie.)

Tiny Skyline

Tiny Nanny

Kiss Me Kate

Unknown Tango lily.

Blooming in this photo are Tiny Ghost (beside DD), Forever Susan on the upper left, behind her is Dimension, to her right are Lollipop, the short one below them is Ivory Pixie, an unknown yellow tango and Algarve.


PlantPostings said...

What wonderful eye candy and a reminder of warmer weather on this December day. Images of Lilies--a great reminder of blooms we'll see six months from now!

scottweberpdx said...

Oh am I going to make it though this dreary winter day now that I've had a reminder of summer's glory!?! Beautiful post...and a reminder that I need MORE LILIES!

Anonymous said...

You just made me really miss summer.

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