Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Tree Peony In Bloom

Hippeastrum Rosario

Today, I found one of my hippeastrums with root rot. The leaves that grew after it bloomed has turned yellow and that made me suspicious. Luckily the basal plate is not rotten.
This is the bulb after a thorough clean up. I cut part of the basal plate to make it thinner so the new roots will easily grow. It will be dipped in fungicide and leave it to dry for a few days before potting it up.
Its blossoms last winter.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Show

The dry winter and the two-week warm spell in March triggered the early flowering of these plants. I lost a few plants. Mostly irises that were planted in summer but no winter protection at all and a Heuchera planted late last fall. And with the April frosts, some of my lilies and hostas were bitten.
I am new to peonies and obviously the tree peonies bloom before the herbaceous ones. This is another new addition in the garden. It was labeled Paeonia suffruticosa. In front of it is Hosta Fallen Angel. This hosta has grown so big.
Hosta Sagae's leaves are so attractive and huge. The Asiatic lilies are so tall now that the will probably bloom in mid May. I see lots of buds on them already.
Hosta Liberty is one of the hostas in the garden with the nicest leaf color.
The Camassias are growing beautifully and the Trumpet lilies on the right are so tall now and I won't be surprised if they bloom at the same time with the Asiatics.
I have seen a few of this butterfly in the garden. The Alliums are a magnet to these creatures.
This is the Lilac bush that I've spruced up last fall. All of the plantings you see are planted last fall, except for the lilies on the left side of it. Notice the butterfly on one of the Alliums.
On the left is my first blooming iris. It is a standard dwarf and it is called Little Episode.
In the shady part of the garden, the ferns are growing like gangbusters and the Trillium recurvatums are happily growing with them.
In a few days I will be seeing the first TB Iris to bloom.
Here you see a Clematis growing with the shade plants. I don't grow any Clematis at all and I believe the seed is from the neighbor's Sweet Autumn clem that were blown by the wind. I have to find a home for it before it choke the plants around it.
Buds on one of my Regale lilies.
The martagons are growing nicely in the shade garden.
Hyacinthoides 'Dainty Maid'
The tulip show is ending. This is one of the last ones blooming.
Dodecatheon meadia
And lastly, one of my Clivias is blooming. I brought it outside during the warm weather in March. I haven't brought it back inside since then. It braved the cold and several frosts. Happy gardening.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


These daffs are new additions to the garden last fall. Some of them are now done blooming. A group of fragrant no name daffs that I bought at a garden center. In the picture are Geranium maculatum and tulip Shirley. A better picture of the no name daffs. These are Katie Heath daffs. The cups are short and are proportionate to the size of the flower. They have been blooming for quite a while now because of the cold April weather. The double-flowered White Lion are now done blooming. They bloom a little bit early. These are Salome planted at the edge of the raise bed. Their cups are a little bit longer than of Katie Heath's and I think the color of their cups are the same when they mature. They open golden yellow then they gradually mature to pink.
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