Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I noticed that these leaves are coming up in the raised garden bed. I can't figure out which bulbous plants they belong to. Below are photos of the area where they are growing. Could they be Scilla, Chionodoxa, Puschkinia or species tulips? Are they confused or is it their time to come up?

Mixed species tulips T. tinka and T. clusiana var. Chrysantha growing with lilies. And I forgot the names of the big red and yellow hybrid tulips.

I can't find photos of the area without my daughter in it. Apologies.


scottweberpdx said...

How funny...hopefully, if they are spring-bloomers, no damage will be done.

Lily said...

I hope so too.:)

Anonymous said...

Boy is your daughter cute. You should enter the Gardening Gone Wild contest with her. There is only one entry so far and it is another cutie.

Andrea said...

So these sprouters will mingle with those in the map? haha. Lovely daughter, she got so beautiful curly hair, and i can see the Pinay cutie genes even at sideways. By the way, the seeds i've planted for already 3 weeks hadn't shown any sprouts yet, as i've always monitored it through text. I haven't returned home since then.

Lily said...

Thank you. I did check GGW and there are 2 entries now. I don't know if my pics are good but I will join. :)

The ones in the map are planted in a different area. Some of Bom's seeds did not sprout either so maybe they are not for the tropics. Thanks for the compliment. She got her curly hair on both sides of the family. :)

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