Thursday, November 17, 2011

Milden Red Ball Lily And A Gift From Norway

Last spring I planted a bulb of Milden Red Ball purchased from Faraway Flowers. I have never seen it sent up a stem. This fall while cleaning up the garden I decided to investigate, dug the bulb up, and lo and behold of what I found. The bulb produced two bulblets slightly larger than a pea. As per advice of every lily enthusiast that when you acquire an expensive lily, scale it as an insurance for not losing it. Circumstances arise like animals digging and eating it up. So I scaled the bulb prior to planting.

Milden Red Ball, by the way, was bred by Holger Kuhne of Germany. For more info, here is a link .

MRB bulb with the two bulblets.

These are the bulblets produced from scaling.

As I don't have pics of MRB for this post, I contacted my friend Mike and he happily sent me two images of the said lily.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package from my friend in Norway. We were dicussing about breeding lilies and he sent me some bulblets for my breeding project.


Andrea said...

wow, you have more in your hands, you need more than 24 hours/day! My seeds hasn't germinated, as they texted me from the province. Only the Rhodophilla sent out leaves yet, the Licorice none yet, as well as the seeds. Happy gardening weekend!

Lily said...

Yes I do! If the lycoris do not grow, I will send you some more babies, I got lots here. :)

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